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I'm CreativityTheEmotion, I'm a fan of DDLC and I guess I live here now, in this domain I purchased on a whim when conceiving of projects bigger than ones I could actually produce. Still, the fruits of those projects are nothing to laugh at.

Feel free to check out any of my DDLC-related projects:


Doki Doki Literature Club!: Bugs, Glitches and Exploits for Dummies

Explore the game mechanics of DDLC like never before. In a fandom divided based on stance on "the truth", it is the task of a lone writer to provide a detailed documentation and bug exposé.


Selfhost | AO3


DDLC Poem Editor

That thing I did in August 2018: a meme that was so successful in /r/DDLC, it got its own megathread and Rule 1b entry. As you write a poem, it is rated according to the game's rules.


Web | Mod


Thousand Word Corpus

A word list similar to the word list used by the poem minigame in DDLC, but this time much more extensive, featuring 1008 words, as well as an option to include Monika in the minigame.


With Monika | Without Monika

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