Doki Docs

Doki Docs aims to bring the characters from Team Salvato's Doki Doki Literature Club! to life via the core aspect of the game: the poems that each of them, including the player character, write. The project, when finished, will allow you to collaborate with AI versions of each girl (possibly, even all of them) and bring your own ideas, whether in form of poetry or prose, to life.

The Doki Docs project consists of the following sub-projects:


Doki Docs

The central and final product is intended to be a text editor, possibly even a fully featured word processor, allowing you to collaborate with the Dokis on a poem or any writing project.

Coming soon

Current neural network training data


DDLC Poem Editor

The prototype for Doki Docs and a meme that was so successful in /r/DDLC, it got its own megathread and Rule 1b entry. As you write a poem, it is rated according to the game's rules.


Web | Mod


Thousand Word Corpus

A word list similar to the word list used by the poem minigame in DDLC, but this time much more extensive, featuring 1008 words, as well as an option to include Monika in the minigame.


With Monika | Without Monika

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